| Happy Together; Collaborators Collaborating | 2015 |

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Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating | 2015 | specially constructed TV set, public event and a film installation | commisioned by Chisenhale Gallery | photo courtesy by Mark Blower

Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating

Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating is a major new commission at Chisenhale Gallery, bringing together people of various professions and nationalities with Ogut he has previously collaborated. The gallery was transformed into a TV studio for the duration of the exhibition with a specially constructed set used to stage the discussion and, afterwards, to present a film documenting the event.

Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating is a new work, comprising a live event and a film installation, but it also functions as a form of retrospective, collectively formed through the memories and experiences of Ogut’s collaborators. Ten collaborators, including an auctioneer, a fire fighter, a hairdresser, a stunt man, a lip reader and a sports caster, have been invited to Chisenhale Gallery to share their experiences of collaborating with Ogut. The collaborators took the stage whilst Ogut positioned himself amongst the audience.

In Happy Together: Collaborators Collaborating, Ogut foregrounds the status and value of labour within the production of art, provoking a critical consciousness that calls into question the ethical and relational implications of the role of the artist and their work within the world.